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Visit a Local Home and a Mill -Lapland

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Visit a Local Home and a Mill experience Lappish life-Lapland

In Northern Lapland in the winter weather goes to minus -35 to -40 degrees and life can be hard, especially if you are from a warm country. It's kind of impossible to think about how people live on this side of the world.

We introduced a new way to get to know the local culture and the way that Lappish people live, farms, continue day to day work in the hard winter and the beautiful summer.

In this chapter, you can visit a local farm, visit a local house and spend the day having lunch or dinner and get to know how people live and what life is like.its more about sharing how you live back in your country and you learn at the same time how Lappish people live theirs.

If you visit in the summer, in this case, you will get a chance to go out to the forest, pick some blueberries or wild berries, mushrooms in a local forest, cook your meal or ask locals to teach you to cook a meal like Lappish people.

If you are visiting June-July

In the summer you will get a chance to experience the midnight sun. The midnight sun also is known as the nightless night or polar day can witness to experience in Tervola from early June until early July, and nights are light throughout the summer with sunlight.

Another Thing you can witness while experiencing and visiting your local home and a mill in Tervola is Tervola Day or so-called Ämpäripää day in English its translated to Bucket head day, it's a celebration in Tervola, people who emigrated from the village are coming back from all over the world to celebrate the event.

Another Thing you can witness while experiencing and visiting your local home and a mill is the Tervola Marathon, you can participate in the event if you feel you fit, enjoy running a half or full marathon with the people from all over the world. Now you can register for Marathon.

Through the summer, you can also experience Kayak or Canoe in Kemijoki River, if you do not have your equipment you can rent them at our office. Or participate in our Canoe Sprint Championship.

If you are Visiting on February

Experience thousands of snowmen or snow sculptures that build around the village, be a part of it with your family or friends, you are not just a visitor to us, you become part of the local life and culture. Regardless of whether you are a solo tourist, camping, in a tour group or company staff meeting that helps in Lapland, you can join this activity. Do not forget to register for this activity.

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