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Spring is the best time for ice-fishing. This can be the meditation for your life, a spiritual effect on this is that it teaches you to be calm and patient.

In Finland during winter lakes are frozen quite a long time in a year: in Lapland depending on annual weather conditions, and sea ice might freeze as late as in late April.

Finland’s waters are the purest in the world so heading for an ice-fishing trip is possible anywhere in the country.

If you are going for ice fishing in Finland you must wear a sealed thermal and insulated winter gear designed for extreme winter.

You also need a few types of equipment such as fishing gear, skimmer, a good knife and equipment to cut blocks of ice on the frozen river or sea, depending on where you decide to do ice fishing.

Ice fishing gear is highly specialized. Ice saw hand ice auger or chisel is used to cut a circular or rectangular hole in the ice. Ice fishing mainly on the frozen sea or frozen lake or river.

Ice-fishing falls within the scope of public rights of access in Finland, which means that you don't need any licenses to go ice-fishing. At some point in their life, almost every Finn has sat by an ice hole, ice-fishing for perch, the national fish of Finland. Many have got such a bite at the end of their lines that this has kindled a lifelong spark for fishing.

Spring is the best time for ice-fishing. Not only is the spring-time sun warm and bright, reflected a-thousand-times from the white snow, fish are also more eager to eat your bait at this time of the year.

Ice Fishing can be the meditation for your life, ice fishing can take up to 4-5 hours, dip in a fishing lure and sit down and wait, spiritual effect on ice fishing is that it teaches you to be calm and patient.

Maybe you want to start meditating because you want to be less reactive, feel less stressed, or be more focused. Maybe meditating is part of a wider personal development and wellbeing plan of some kind. Main obstacles of meditation such as finding the time, feeling sleepy, and too many distractions are eliminated in Ice Fishing. In the middle of nowhere in the Nordic countryside, Ice fishing provides you this focus and patients in a silent nature.

Ice fishing contests

Ice fishing contests offer prizes for the largest number of fish caught within a limited time, many offer a prize for the biggest fish caught as well. We are organizing annual ice fishing contests in Finland during the winter on the 1st week of february. you can join ice fishing contests by filling the pre-registration free of charge. Join among 50,000 visitors every year.

We draw a ballot system in order to select participants due to high volume of registrations.

Once you register we will draw our ballot for the yearly event every June, You will receive information via email and text message, this will include your detailed information on how to enter the event, this email will be sent for both selected and unsuccessful applicants with their status.

The Participation Includes

→Participation in the Ice fishing contests in Finland.

→Refreshments such as coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolates.

→Finisher medal. (if you have ordered)

→Technical ice fishing T-shirt.

→Printable diploma via electronic for participants.

→Printed diploma, Medal for Winners (At prize giving).

→Timing & Certificate.

→Storage for valuables.

→International result service.

→Transfer service for discontinuing participants. ( if you order)

→First-aid service for any injury.

→Refreshments and recovery area at the end of the event day, meet other participants and chit chat of their day.

→Free sleeping places for contestants coming from a distance.

→Photo service. ( 1 Free / Chargeable for additional digital pictures )

→Video service. ( Chargeable for each Digital Video / Extra cost for DVD )