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Visit Tampere-Tammerfors

visit tampere city finland


Tampere (in Swedish: Tammerfors) is the third largest city in Finland with around 215,000 inhabitants (around 300,000 in the metropolitan area). There are 200 lakes and ponds in Tampere, and a 450 in the entire region. Tampere has been an industrial pioneer in Finland since the very beginning. Finland’s first paper mill started operation in 1783. Despite being predominantly a former heavy industry centre, today Tampere is a major hub for information technology, research, education, culture, sports and business.

Tampere is 180km away from Helsinki, it takes only 2 hours by car or 1.5 hour by express train.

Since nearly all the shops, restaurants and attractions are in the compact downtown area, walking is the preferred way to get around Tampere. From the main railway station, the central square is just a couple of hundred meters straight down the main street.


The Tampere lies 97m above sea level In Tampere, the climate is cold and temperate. The warmest month of the year is July, with an average temperature of 16.0 °C | 60.8 °F. February is the coldest month, with temperatures averaging -8.2 °C | 17.2 °F.

Winters are cold and the average temperature from November to March is below 0 °C, The warm season lasts for 4 months in Tampere from May to September, Tampere Recorded highest Temperature is on July and August °C (°F) 33.1(91.6) | 32.1(89.8) , Tampere Recorded coldest Temperature is on January and February °C (°F) −37.0 (−34.6) | −36.8 (−34.2) .

Food Culture

A local food speciality is mustamakkara, which resembles the black pudding of northern England. It is a black sausage made by mixing pork, pig's blood and crushed rye and flour and is stuffed into the intestines of an animal. It is commonly eaten with lingonberry sauce. Tammelantori square in the district of Tammela is famous for its mustamakkara kiosks.

Tampere has many varieties of International food from Chinese to Arabic or Turkish,Indian and Greek, You can find all the restaurants in Tampere main street, it's not hard to find a restaurant that you prefer in the City Center, also they are not far away from each other.


You can get to Tampere, by Air, by Car, by Train from Helsinki, Tampere is serviced by Tampere-Pirkkala airport ( TMP) Ryanair, Finnair, SAS airlines has service from Tampere Airport.

Tampere Public Transport Service NYSSE provides efficient transport service around the area.

Art and Culture

Tampere is home to the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, The orchestra's home venue is the Tampere Hall, and their concerts include classical, popular, and film music. Tampere Music Festivals organises three international music events: The Tampere Jazz Happening each November, and in alternate years The Tampere Vocal Music Festival and the Tampere Biennale.

In the summer there are some special events Mukamas – International Puppet Theatre Festival and Tampere Theatre Festival , Blockfest. Circus Ruska Festival.

If you are visiting Tampere on Christmas do not forget to target Tampere Christmas Market.

Tampere has a lengthy tradition of theater, with established institutions such as Tampereen Työväen Teatteri, Tampereen Teatteri, and Pyynikin Kesäteatteri.

Tampere is also home to one of the last museums in the world dedicated to Vladimir Lenin. The Lenin museum is housed in the Tampere Workers' Hall where during a subsequent Bolshevik conference in the city, Lenin met Joseph Stalin for the first time. Lenin moved to Tampere in August 1905, but eventually fled for Sweden in November 1907 when being pursued by the Russian Okhrana. Lenin would not return to any part of the Russian Empire until ten years later, when he heard of the start of the Russian Revolution of 1917.

There are many museums and galleries, Amuri Museum of Workers' Housing, Art and Craft Center Verkaranta, Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, Hiekka Art Museum, Moomin Museum, Rupriikki, Sara Hildén Art Museum, Spy Museum, Tampere Art Museum, Tampere Mineral Museum, Vapriikki.

To do and Visit

You can experience Public Sauna in Tampere, Rajaportti Sauna is the oldest public sauna in Finland that is still open.

You can walk to Tampereen Tuomiokirkko, its next to Rail Station on Rautatienkatu Tampere. Then to Vapriikin Museokeskus and after going to Market Hall and Moomin Museum, they all are within walking distance.

After this short trip you can go to Rajaportti Sauna and enjoy evening with Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra or go to Tampere Comedian Theatre for Stand Up Comedy that is most likely in Finnish.

One of the main tourist attractions is the Särkänniemi amusement park, which includes the landmark Näsinneula tower, topped by a Revolving restaurant. Other sites of interest are Tampere Cathedral, Tampere City Hall, Tampere City Library Metso ("wood grouse"), Kaleva Church , the Tampere Hall for conferences and concerts, and the Tampere Market Hall.

More details you can get from Visit Tampere -Tampere Tourist page.