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Get to Tervola by Bus

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The most popular bus service between Helsinki and Tervola is the OnniBus service. The OnniBus buses are large double decker buses that run a 24x7 service from Helsinki Bus Station. But the bus service does not stop in Tervola, you have to get out in Kemi or Rovaniemi and take another bus from there with Matkahuolto bus service. This is a very long journey.

You can slo take the Matkahuolto bus service from Helsinki to Tervola, more information about schedule and tickets please visit their website.

Almost all the buses are equipped with a mobile charging port by the seat and wifi service, please make sure of the wifi option before booking the bus ticket.

The buses also pickup at many places from around the country. In Tervola, the bus terminates at City Center Bus Station. The buses also pick up and drop off on the road to Tervola from Rovaniemi or Kemi. The buses are air conditioned, have reclining seats and have washrooms on board. The service is true 24x7, with hourly services in the very early hours and frequencies every 2 hours or much of the day. Total journey time 10-14 hours from Helsinki to Tervola by bus.

However it's always easy to use VR Train service to go to Tervola from anywhere in the country.

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