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How to Get to Tervola by Train

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For a trip to Tervola from Helsinki, it's a choice between cheap and frequent bus services operating a 24x7 service or taking the train from Helsinki Central Train Station. Trains leave broadly every 2 Hours (120 minutes) and take approximately 6 ½ Hours to 8 Hours depending on the train you choose to perform the journey.

Trains are the most convenient and recommended travel option to Tervola.

By Train you can get to Tervola Directly, Train Station is just 2 minutes away from the city center, you can book a Taxi or your Travel agent to pick you from the Train.VR Train service also have live tracking in case if trains are delayed.Taxi or Travel agents have the ability to track the train where it is.

Also the other advantage is that you have many luggage storage facilities. Please note! IC-trains have storage lockers that work with a 50 cent deposit, Customers should transfer their luggage to another train themselves when changing trains.If you are taking night sleeping train luggage can be stored in the compartment under the bed or in the upper storage box. If the folding cycle fits on the luggage rack please remember to use a plastic bag to prevent staining of other passengers' luggage.

Booking Train is easy, you can use a credit card or buy a ticket with cash at any R-Kioski in Finland wherever you are.

Wifi facilities-VR on-board wifi is accessible in pendolinos, Intercity trains, double-deck sleeping cars and railcars. The wireless Internet is accessible free of charge and access does not require a password. In all new and reconditioned cars, e.g. Pendolino and Intercity trains, mobile phone audibility has been amplified for hand devices.

Laptop charging-All rail cars have power outlets by the seat that may be used to charge laptops and mobile phones and also restaurant facilities available in train, in case if you want a special working seat and a restaurant nearby seat, you can choose special seats above the restaurant cabin. These tickets are a bit more costly but it's worth it if you often wanted to buy something at the restaurant.

If you need any help or you do not understand anything in the train or how things works, please speak to the Train Attendant, they are very kind and helpful and happy to help.

If you have left any property on the train please call Lost & Found International to enquire about lost property.lost and found have several offices throughout the country.

Book a VR Train service in advance and get a cheap price for the train journey.

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