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How to Get to Tervola by Air

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Tervola is located in between two other touristic cities, Kemi to the south and Rovaniemi to the North. From Kemi by Taxi it takes about 35 minutes to Tervola, from Rovaniemi Airport to Tervola it's about 1 hour 10 minutes.

Norwegian airways and Finnair are the only airlines operates to and from Helsinki to Lapland cities. Only 3 Airports are closer to Tervola.

Finnair operates to Oulu Airport, Kemi Tornio Airport, Rovaniemi Airport.

If you are taking a flight from Helsinki. Rovaniemi or Kemi Tornio is the closest airport to Tervola. Kemi-Tornio Airport is most closely linked to Tervola by the VR Train service, which runs approximately every two hours. Train: In our opinion, the easiest and cheapest way to get to Tervola. Take a taxi from Kemi-Tornio airport to Kemi train station and then train to Tervola.You can also take a taxi from Kemi-Tornio Airport cost approximately 35-40 euros one way.

If you happen to take a flight to Rovaniemi there are few options. Order a Rovaniemi Airport taxi or pickup service to Rovaniemi train station and take a train to Tervola or take a bus from Rovaniemi city center to Tervola. Taxi from Rovaniemi Airport to Tervola costs about 120-150 Euros.

Cheap Flights from Helsinki can take up to Oulu and then you have to jump on the train to Tervola. Train leaves from Oulu Train Station every 2 hours.

If you are taking VR Train service from any of the above airports to Tervola, make sure the train is available. Please check the train time in advance and get prepared for the train.

However if travel time can vary depending on the airport you choose. Approximately travel time including airport checking time following:

Helsinki -Kemi Tornio Airport -Train / Taxi to Tervola -4 Hours

Helsinki- Oulu Airport -Train to Tervola- 6-7 Hours

Helsinki-Rovaniemi Airport-Train /Taxi to Tervola- 5-6 Hours

However it's always easy to use VR Train service to go to Tervola from anywhere in the country.

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Norwegian airways operates only from Helsinki to Oulu Airport and Rovaniemi Airport.

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