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C.L.M. - Cross Lapland Marathon
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Cross Lapland Marathon 2018

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Date : 28-29.6.2018

visittervola.com organizes open and age categories half marathon for all ages on events 2018,

Our 2018 Cross lapland Marathon event is mainly focused on the development of city events and promoting Tourism of Tervola Lapland Finland, visitterola.com the official tourism website of Tervola organized this event with the help of following government and non government organizations.

Tervola Municipality

Tervola Riverbank Oy

Tervola Sports Association

Tervola Fire Department

Tervola Lions Club

The event included Men & Women half marathon and the runners result is given on this page , we thank for all the participants from around the world to make this event a delightful and interesting event of the year and the people who traveled from far away from various districts of Finland.

Sponsors and Supporters.

Osuus Bank Tervola

Vaara Saha Tervola

Vaaran Aihkitalot Tervola

ST1 Tervola

Kuksa Tervola

Neste Tervola

Ravintola Tervo Tervola

K Market Tervola

Sale Tervola

Loca Boys Tervola

Vaihtoykköset Oy Autokorjaamo Tervola

Tervola Apteekki -Tervola Pharmacy

Rieskapaikka Tervola

Tenergia Tervola - Tervola Energy Supplier

Help to Main Event Organizers.

Meantime we also thankful for all the support that we receive from Matti Alatalo from Riverbank oy, Ms Eva Kaisa Lahti from Sports association of Tervola , Mr Rauno Tervo from Tervola Fire department, Mr Risto Kauppi from Tervola Lions club , Mr Ussi Vaara from Vaara Saha Tervola giving all the support and materials that he provided. Ravintola Tervo for all the organization and its ideas and food provided for the entire staff who working in the event.

Help Provided by other event organizers.

We also thankful for about 40-60 people from all these associations, private businesses and government offices come and help to decorate the road and helping to arrange this event.

Media and Other Support..

We also thank for the lapinkansa Newspaper and its reporters , photographers , TV channels , Other Photography service that provided by Mr Petri Sipola.

Public Media Link.

Lapinkansa News Papaer Lapland Finland

Tervola News Papaer

Our Future Goal.

Our goal is to promote Tervola and develop yearly event of Full and Half marathon once every other year,in 2020 there will be next Half-marathon and 2021 full Marathon will be held as planned, we expect over 1500 runners from all around the world.

Free and paid accommodation for Runners are available upon request.