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Sponsors Benefits

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Our main Sponsors benefit more than all other events combined in this part of the world. To be able to get this main sponsor's benefits package you are willing to sponsor at least 150,000 Euros up to 1 Million euros as the main sponsor. Event Sponsors are able to discuss their absolute benefit package other than the benefits mentioned below with us by an appointment. This can take place after sponsors bidding for the events and when we have concluded who will be our event sponsor of the year or next 5 years.

Sponsorship contract length up to 5 years and the new benefits package will be adjusted according to the statistics of the events for future sponsorships to continue.

Sponsor Benefits

Be able to promote in 8 Events that organized by visittervola.com

Only event organizers managed to develop 8 or more future events in Finnish -Swedish Lapland.

Be able to open brand awareness for over 1 million visitors.

Be able to advertise on event materials, staff and participants technical items and T-shirts your brand.

Be able to advertise on our event webpages as the main sponsor.

Be able to promote among 89425 average visittervola.com page visitors a year.

Our Page visits a day average 245-270, Bounce rate 12.14% Average Session Duration 5 min 56 Seconds, Average annual visitors with 8,50,000-1,000 000

Promote with our press partners your brand as our main sponsors to their millions of viewers on news, media, blogs.

Be able to advertise on our event shows such as Run show as main advertisers.

Be able to take part in advertising as an event sponsor over 2 million email marketing campaigns for our subscribers.

Be able to take part in our advertisements and news, on our Facebook groups and pages that we manage as the main sponsor.

Be able to take part in our tweets related to events and promotions.

Be able to advertise with our Charity partners and their helpers and community events and Volunteers and their members and friends.

Moreover you as a sponsor we deliver what we promised for your brand awareness on all events.

Work with an easy and understanding management team to get more out of what you spend.

Sponsors also get the chance to expose brand awareness at prize-giving, Runway Banners and at the Running show, advertising banners and posters on roads and places early in advance before the events.

Talk to us more about what you require and we will be able to deliver based on our events and its delivery channels statistics depending on the season.

Talk to us more about if you are ready to sponsor, please email us at [email protected] and CC [email protected] for further information and latest availability.